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Introduction: Bombmaker2's Garage/Workshop

This is my garage where all of my (non food related) projects are planned, built, or designed. It is also my entry to the Share Your Space Challenge. Enjoy!



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    Looks like everything but the kitchen sink to me. Sinks are handy to have in workshops. I wish I had one!

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    if you lift the top of my one workbench, theres a stainless steel kitchen sink under it...with a large pail a 12v power supply and a windshield washer pump...its a varsol part cleaner.

    Thanks for reading! I want one too but unfortunately it would be too much work to put one into my garage.

    Ha ha sometimes plumbing can be fun especially when it doesn't involve cleaning gunk out of pipe traps!

    Haha that is true. It's also not fun when it takes 5 or so tries to sweat one pipe on a water heater that just won't seal!!

    Successful sweating is all in the prep work. Once you've done that right the rest of it goes straightforward. I have three rules for soldering they are as follows clean, clean, clean! Now I tin the fittings before I solder pipes together and things go pretty easily for me. You do know the filthy dirty rosin rag wipe trick don't you?

    No I do not know that trick but I've since switched to SharkBite fittings because they always work the first time.

    Most of us just use the plain old bites fittings and make them work, after a while hopefully the first time. Try wiping a joint while it is still molten with a cotton rag (old hand towels are the best). By the time your rag is filthy dirty with rosin you might be getting it down!