Boombox: Reuse Old Car Speakers




Introduction: Boombox: Reuse Old Car Speakers

always wanted one of these, there are so many great creations around here and there, I decide to make mine! And here was this old speakers box ( I don't know how to call it) laying there in my workshop...

Step 1: Idea and Material

nothing complicated here:
- old car trunk speakers box (vertical stereo tweeters and boomers)
- car phone Holder
- Audio amplifier (15€ via Amazon)

dismantle the ampli, make a hole in the box, wire the whole things and enjoy the sound.

of course all the wiring must be hiden within the bo ??

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea cause I have an old trunk speaker just like that. Can you add pictures of the wiring and what you used for power? Thanks!