Bottle Launcher

Introduction: Bottle Launcher

this instrucable shows u how 2 make a make cheap easy and quick 2 make gun
this is my first instrucatable and sorry for the images
heres how it looks

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Step 1: Materials

this stuff is real cheap and youll get it around the house
you need

1 bottle
pair of scissors
i knife
i huge rubber band

the ammo
u can use a wooden dowel or
kebab sticks or
bamboo skewers or
a twig or
a plastic stick

Step 2: The Bottle Part

take any bottle the smaller the better and cut the bottom part of it

Step 3: The Bottle Cap

take out the bottle cap and make a big enough hole ( 4 ur ammo to pass trough easily) in it using a knife

Step 4: The Rubber Band

take the rubber band and cut it 2 get a single long rubber band
and attach it after the cap use lots of tape or anything that holds it firmly

Step 5: Firing

u can fire in two ways one gives power and one gives accuracy
this is the one which gives power
fire it in the way shown in the picture
the other image shows the method which gives more accuracy

pull the dowel back and release

Step 6: Enjoy

do not use on any living being as this is highly powerful and can even kill sum1

u can play with by putting up a target in ur room and u and ur frnds can play a game similiar 2 darts its really good fun
i played 2 times and i won both times

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