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hy,first sorry for my awfull enghlish
in this tutorial i'm gonna show you how to make a sailboat out of a plastic bottle(in this case i used a 2L bottle)

i used to make this things when i was a child,the last one i've made was a three mast,with 2 bottles glued togheder at the bottom

in this tutorial i will show you how to make a 1mast,1 bottle sailboat

first you will need a 2 Liter bottle,preferably with the shape like the one in the image,some barbeque stiks,rope,plastic bag............(image no2)

cut the plastic bottle like in the image(no3 ,4)

for the mast glue 2 stiks together(i strongly recomand to use a stick more solid than the ones i used.......(i didn't have anything better)),after that cut the stick to a total lenght of about 40-50 cm(image no5)

now to fix the mast to the ship hull.....make 2 in the bottle,and one in a bottle lid(im no6),after that asemble them like in image no7(glue the lid to the bottom and aplly glue where the mast get out of the hull)

note: the mast should be preferabile 2-3 cm before the middle of the bottle,for a better stability in the wind no8

make a hole in the bow of the ship no9,and in the lid of the ship(no10),after that put a stick thru the lid no11

now you can start to make the sail out of the plastic bag(no12),and cut the stiks that supports them(n13)

use rope or just glue the sail support stick to the mast(no14-16)

use glue to attach the sails(no17-18)

now,with a rope from the bow(thru the hole you just made),go to the top of the mast,after that to the top of the front stick,secure the rope with glue(19-21)

with another piece of rope make the triangle shown in figure no22

afther that atach a triangular sail(i will explain later what is with that sail) fig no23

add thouse 2 ropes to the sail-support stick(to ensure that the stick doesn't move around the mast)no24,you may add some details....no25-26 the last a very inportant step.Adding the balast

you can use everithing you find heavy(please don't use your mobile phone),i used old batterys.(no27)

don't forget to GLUE them to the bottom

about that triangle acts like a rudder,giving the sailboat a zig-zag trajectory,making sure that the boat will always be in the wind (no 28)

a link to a video of it floating in a bathtub        



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea i will make it with my son keep doing another projects at this concept