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This is an interesting substitu for Jack'o lanterns, and it will last for years.
It's a simple box shaped Lantern.

What will you need:
- Some thick paper or cardboard
- some orange and black paint.
- a scalpel
- some tape
 - a small candle
< a ruler
- some wire (optional)

Here's how it looks.

Step 1:

 Take the cardboard, and mark five 14 cm x 14cm squares.

 Then cut them with the scalpel, and a ruler.

Here's the most efficient way to cut them.

Step 2:

Save this image and print it to use as a template to carve ONLY ONE square.

Step 3:

Paint all of the sides orange if you will use it as an hand-hled lantern, or leave one unpainted if it will be put on a flat surface. Mine is hand-held So all of the sides are painted, and then decorate them with black paint.

Step 4:

Put them in a grid like this. and tape them all together.

If you are puting it on a flat surface jour'e done, you just need to put in the candle an your'e done.

If you wish to make it hand-held. Continue:

Step 5:

punch two holes on the sides, put the rope, plastic tube... inside and tie them one the ends like this:

And your'e done. Have fun!

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