Boxed Brownies to Homemade Brownies

Introduction: Boxed Brownies to Homemade Brownies

I love homemade, made from scratch, just like grandma makes brownies. I mean, who doesn't. however not everyone has the time or the know how to make them. today, I'd like to show you beautiful people how to make boxed brownies taste homemade. the best part about it, no one has to know they're boxed

Step 1: Ingredients

First things first, you need the ingredient. There's the obvious ingredients and the ingredients needed to make these brownies glorious
- boxed brownies and all ingredients that are on your box
- vinilla flavoring
- corn syrup (I only had light at the time. but I prefer heavy)
- chocolate chips
- butter (about a stick)
- optional, nonstick spray (this is optional because you could either use a butter flavored spray or you could cover the pan with actual butter. the choice is yours)
- mixer

Step 2: Follow the Instructions

very simple, make the brownies according to the box. make sure it's well blended and ready for the additions.

Step 3: Vinilla and Corn Syrup

this part adds some rather fine taste to the brownies. after you're done making them according to the box, you can go ahead and add these in. I hardly ever measure these extra ingredients so just eyeball them. for the vinilla I do about two splashes, and for the corn syrup I put in about two cap fulls. this usually works for me, but experiment with what you like. once added. stir again on a high setting.

Step 4: Butter!

I can't begin to count how many times I've been yelled at for the butter I put in these. I generally put about a half a stick of melted butter in the brownies, but have put in up to a stick and a half. so while the brownies are stirring, melt your butter. once done, add it in while it stirs. it's very important to keep the mixture stirring as long as possible

Step 5: Chocolate Chips

as the butter is stirring into the mix, add about a handful of chocolate chips. you don't have to do this, but I feel it's nessesary to the mix. when I see someone biting into a chocolate chip they alway look happy.

Step 6: Preparing the Pan

Because of the corn syrup, the brownies are going to propably stick to the pan. you can prevent this with a lot of nonstick spray (preferably butter flavor) or coating the entire pan with butter. The more the better.

Step 7: Pouring and Signiture

once the pan is prepped and ready, pour in the beautiful brownie mixture. after everything is poured you can make your signature. I make a patter with chocolate syrup that comes out very nice, but it's your own, do what you want

Step 8: Cook and Enjoy

cook the brownies according to the instructions. once done, you have two options. one, let cool to the desired time and then inhale the chocolaty goodness, or let cool for about ten minutes and cover the top with marshmallow fluff, you decide. if you have everything how you want, you can enjoy your beautiful creation. I hope you enjoy the homemade tasting boxed brownies.

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