Braided Back Summer Tank Top




I made more then one of these, I made one for my little sister and one for myself.
They are one of the easiest t shirts that you can make and they look great.

Step 1:

All you need to make this is,
- old t shirt
- scissors
- sewing things (needle , thread)

Step 2:

First of all cut the the band off the bottom of the shirt, (some tops don't have them.)
then cut the sleeves off
then cut the neck out
your t shirt should now look like a tank top

Step 3:

turn the top over so the neck is on the back
cut to the side of the middle and then to the side when you get near the bottom then do the same on the other side so you end up with a big strip in the the middle
(this is quite hard to explain it's easier to look at the pic)

Step 4:

cut that into 3 strands and plait it.

Step 5:

cut the sides of the top into 3 large strips
and cut the shoulder into a large strip

Step 6:

cut them all into 3 smaller strands

Step 7:

braid them

Step 8:

repeat on the other side

Step 9:

stitch the side braids to the one down the middle repeat this with the side panel braids

Step 10:

Now it should look like this
take the shoulder braids and stitch them to the very top of the middle braid

Step 11:

You can wear it as a beach cover up or just as a top



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