Breaking Bad Fans Favourite Present.

how to make a Los Pollos Hermanos paper bag and Crystal Meth Candy. Not actually Meth

Step 1: Getting Equipment

you will need
1. A4 sized paper bag
2. scissors
3. glue stick
4. 2 los pollos hermaños logos
5. A freezer lock bag (not in picture) size does not matter
6. Heisenburg logo
7. Candy Crystal Meth recipe will add link.

Step 2: Logos

1. cut out the logo got the logo from the breaking bad wiki page.
2. stick in the centre of the bag.

Step 3: Candy!

here's the link! :

put it in one of the freezer bags

Step 4: Add a Logo of Heisenburg!

stick on the Heisenberg logo onto the freezer bag.

Step 5: Done.

close it up and give to a Breaking bad fan. Enjoy.



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