Breastfeeding Supplement System




Introduction: Breastfeeding Supplement System


Ice Pick 
Breastfeeding Storage Tube
and a unusual item a IV Tube

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Step 1: Attaching the IV to the Storage Tube

Take the Ice Pick and make a puncture in the cap of the storage tube and proceed to make the hole an adequate size to snuggly fit the IV tubing (see picture for examples).

Step 2: Transforming the IV

Cut the IV tubing just before the first stopper then add the IV insert into the cap of the storage tube.

Step 3: Use It

On the IV tubing I took the flow regulator  and re-attached it to my new Breast Supplement System, in order to regulate the flow of formula to my baby. Attach the tubing to your skin (one on breast, another near the areola) with medical tape and hold the storage tube upside down. You can also add a string to the storage tube and hang it from your neck. you now have a realitivly cheaper Breastfeeding Supplement System for you and your baby. Happy Feeding

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is an awesome idea - I am a Breastfeeding Coordinator and certified lactation specialist and use what is called and SNS - supplemental nursing system for my clients who have tongue tied babies or have poor suck/swallow reflex.