"finished!"build a Bike Skateboard Ect. Ramp

my finished product yours can come out tottaly different every thing is optional

2-6 are of me jumping the ramp ignore my faces I made that was because I was trying to get as much air as I could to show off to my family and friends. knex_gun_expert is in the red T.

Step 1: Gather Tools

go get your dads tools or your own.

a hand saw or circular saw optional.

skill saw or a small hand held carving saw (I don.t know what they are called)

a hammer or a drill depending on if your using screws or nails you have to use screws if your making a bent ramp.

screws or and or nails. 1 3/4ths inch are best.

safety goggles or shades

Step 2: Making the Curve

now this step will show you how to make a perfect curve to your board.

if you are planning on making it like 5 inches tall you shouldn't even waist your time making a good ramp like this instead just pile up like four 2 by 4s and nail them to a piece of ply wood.

1.get a board that is lonnger than it is tall you can use one as big as you want

2.nail a slim board to your piece of ply wood it should be at least 5 ft tall the taller it is the laxer the slope will be it so the bigger you plan on making the ramp the bigger it has to be. leave a bit of nail sticking out so you can pull it out later.

3.use two nails so it doesn't flip around. yeah I bent the nails on purpose so the string doesn't get caught on the nails.

4. put a nail or screw in to the board at the end.

5.now get a string and tie it on the top then make sure it can go all the way to the bottom of the board and then some so you can tie a pencil on it.

6.tie a pencil on the end of the string so it can hit the bottom of the board perfectly.

7.now keep the string tight and lightly draw back and forth on the board until you get a nice smooth line.

8.decide how hi you want it then draw downward make sure its strait.

9.now for the fun part... barbarikly rip those nails out.

10.doing this will make a strait part so that the ply wood will be able to touch the ground at an angle so you want to make it at like 10* then you draw a new line where that angle starts.


Step 3: Cutting

get the skill saw or the hand held carving saw out and cut along your lines don't worry if you make some small bumps when you put the studs in you can make them go along strait.

position it on some bricks (or saw horse any thing you want to use) off the ground high enough so the blade doesn't hit the ground.

Step 4: More Cutting.

you have these two pieces.

now you need too measure the height.

now cut a piece of ply wood the same height as you measured "exactly" and as wide as you want but make sure your ply wood your planning on putting on the top is wide enough!

pic 3. you should get something like this the wider the better but keep it the same height.

Step 5: Assembleing!

1.ok to get it started align you're pieces so they look like this.
2.different view.

3.add some screws 6 on each stud

Step 6: More Cutting and Drilling

the studs to make thees you need some thin wood a 2x4 will work.

I used old hard wood floor boards that worked fine.

measure the with of the ramp once you find that out lets stay it was 1 1/2 ft now you cut the board 1 1/2 ft for as many studs as you want.

you may need 2-5 studs depending on the size of your ramp.... I'd say... every 10 inches or so is ok if your on the heavier side :P you may need to put them closer like 7 inches. also the wider your ramp is the more studs you will need.

if its 2 ft wide and your 150 lbs and your using a scooter make it every 8 inches apart.

3. if you don't want your ramp to tip and if you have enough wood you can cut out a piece of wood as wide as the ramp. for the length make it as long as the ramp plus a foot or so. if your ramp is about a foot long you want about eight inches if its two feet you want about 12 inches.

4. position it under the ramp like this

5. screw it on.

Step 7: Final Surface

ok last and hardest step....

1. the best material to use for this is 1/4 inch ply wood if you use this you wont have to do any thing to it but wet the board then. let it absorb the water for a while.

1. if your using 1/2 inch ply wood highly unrecommended or if you're using 1/2 inch press board....
wet the board until it becomes darkened the best way to do this is to leave it on your driveway/patio and whet it with a hose or if you're lucky it will rain for you. leave it over night than in the mornin take it and place it over something about 3 ft tall I used my hot tub and put bricks or cinder blocks on top until it starts to sag wait till about 3-4 hrs later and it will be nice and flexible.

2 this will take some effort to bend it on to the ramp you might need to put some cinder blocks or bricks on top of the board to help flex it. This will take at least 30 to 40 screws you need about 10 in each stud and about 1 every 2 inches going up the sides.

Extra support method

if you used the non flip board on the bottom of the ramp you will need to do some different things to make it work.

4. the board will need to be a little longer it must be long enough to touch the ground. if you are going to use this for a skate board ,roller blades or whatever with small wheels.

do not pre cut you're ply wood leave it bigger than it should be

leave about 2 inches sticking off the back and two inches sticking off the front.



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    7 years ago on Introduction


    Check out my mtb video. Good ramp now make it taller and make a landing ramp! :D

    I think it's a black n' decker (or whatever that company's called) and I wouldn't know cause it's my dad's but. I think they range in price from like 50- 150$ depending on their power and various somewhat useless functions.


    just a tip

    when you want to actually learn how to ride

    take a look

    dont be afraid to try something else

    and dont just ride off the lip of your little bump

    6 replies

    I don't just ride off I jump off , but that was then this ramp is now dead. :(

    what else can one do on a ramp this size I don't think i could even attempt a *360 that's just asking for a broken arm.

    Ah I'm not much of a bmx'er any more (not that i ever was), but I do have some nice ramps for stuff like that I only used them like 3 times this year I should proly sell them. I could prolly make a pretty penny on them


    8 years ago on Step 3

    sorry if i'm bein a bit quik but could u make a youtube vid of how to make ih cause dat would be really good p.s. if u do could u give da link cheers sam donohoe


    8 years ago on Introduction

    If you made the ramp longer and possibly less of a curve at the end you would go much farther. I make non permanent ramps out of bocks of wood and ply wood 2 feet high and get around 15 feet in distance and 3 feet of air. Good construction though