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what can you buy with a coin?many things like aa batteries,aaa batteries ,button coins etc etc.but can you make a battery with the coin itself?no?then i am here to share how to make is a small project no soldering no hazards .excited?so lets start

Step 1: Ingredients

the things you will need are:
1)a cent of usa (that is 1/100 of dollar)=6-7(depends on the voltage you want to make)
2)a sand paper of 100 grit.
3)a thin piece of cardboard
4)a scissor
5)a cup of water and some salt(if you have vinegar then ignore)
6)a led for testing

Step 2: Which Coin to Be Chosen?

not any coin to be chosen.the cent or usa penny is to be chosen and the coin should be after 1982 .other wise it wont work.because the cents made after 1982 consists only a  small coating of copper and 98 percent zinc inside.copper will extract positive charge and the zinc will extract negative charge.the coins made before 1982 consists of 95 percent copper.

Step 3: Lets Make the Anode and Cathode

anode and cathode are negative and positive charge extracting sides.the anode and cathode both are present in the expose the zinc we have to remove the copper face of one take a sand paper and using it sand of one side of the is the hardest part of the project.

Step 4: Lets Prepare the Electrolyte!

first put the coin on a piece of cardboard and then take its outline.then cut it out.cut the same amount of of pieces as many you have used the coins.

if you have vinegar then ignore the next step

Step 5: Making the Electrolyte Part 2

now take a bowl of water and keep mixing salt with it until it stops to dip the cardboard pieces into it

Step 6: Putting the Cell Together!

now lets put the cell together.firstly i put aluminium foil on the floor to make it act like a wire and also to keep the floor firstly blot the excess salt water from the cardboards and put them at the put the coin on the cardboard so that the copper side is facing towards the cardboard and the bare side or zinc side is facing again put another cardboard on the coin and then again place another coin on the cardboard in the same manner.Its ready!

each coin and cardboard will produce 0.5 volts and stacking six of them will give you 3 volts which is enough to light up a led.

Step 7: Testing!oh No!

so as our cell is ready lets test it.attach the leads of led to the battery and wow!it lights up!

hope you liked my instructable.i am not english men and so i do not know english any mistake help me correct it.give new creative ideas to do with the battery.thanks for watching it.
i am argha halder.class 7 .13 years old.i read in biam laboratory school naogaon bangladesh.thanks for watching and further commenting

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    14 Discussions

    argha halderRajat Uppal

    Reply 5 years ago on Step 7

    it may last at least last 7-10 days with a red led i may increase its lasting by sealing the coin battery

    argha halderlobalt

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    sorry i could not understand much what you said.but as you said if i have done any illegal work i am extremely sorry

    argha halderrimar2000

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    i built it yesterday
    and to test it i kept it on with the red led and i became surprised to see it was lighting so well .i have it beside me now turned on and it is still lighted .i think it would last at least 5-7 days.and you may recharge it by dipping the cardboard pieces again in the salt water or vinegar!