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what can you buy with a coin?many things like aa batteries,aaa batteries ,button coins etc etc.but can you make a battery with the coin itself?no?then i am here to share how to make is a small project no soldering no hazards and the best thing it can be build in 15 minutes .excited?so lets start

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Step 1: Ingredients

.for this you will need
1)few copper pennies
2)a piece of alluminium foil
3)a piece of wet tissue or card board
4)a piece of led(for just testing the battery)
7)some salt(if you have vinegar ignore salt and water)
8)a bowl of water(not shown in the picture

Step 2: Which Coins to Be Used?

we will be using copper coins.the coins of USA that are worth 1/100 of a dollar that is a cent is to be used.any copper penny would work.but the ones that are made in usa should be after 1982.

Step 3: Basic Design

here in this project we will use copper coins as positive charge extracting part and some alluminium foils for negative charge and a wet tissue soaked in saltwater for the electrolyte

Step 4: Making the Electrolyte

so lets start the making.first take the paper towel or wet tissue or cardboard and then put the coin on draw its cut it from the wet tissue.

Step 5: Making the Electrolyte Part 2

now take a bowl of water and mix 2-3 spoons of salt(adding more salt increases the performance of battery)KEEP mixing until they dissolve

Step 6: Making the Electrolyte Part 3

now take the piece of wet tissue that we cut earlier, and dip it into the solution of water and salt or in vinegar.then take it out after 2 minutes.soak out the excess water from the wet tissue.

Step 7: Making the Anode

now lets make the anode which which will make negative charge.first take the aluminium foil and put the coin on it.take its out line and cut it out.

the cathode is the coin which is ready made

Step 8: Lets Put the Cell Together

now lets join the cell together.

First put the salt water or vinegar soaked tissue or cardboard on the piece of aluminium foil.

then put the coin on top of the cardboard or wet tissue.    Its ready!
test it with a volt will give almost 0.5 volts.

take care that the aluminium foil and the coin is not touching each other or the cell wont work!

Step 9: Lets Make Many!

how about powering a led with it!leds work at 3 volts lets make 6 of it.take the wet tissues and alluminium foils and cut many pieces

Step 10: Lets Complete the Cells!

now take the aluminium foil ,put it on the floor then put the tissue or cardboard and then the coins.

Step 11: Lets Gather All Cells Together!

firstly put a cell on the floor and then put the other cell on it so that the alluminium foil on the top cell is touching the coin of the first in this way pack the whole thing. see that the electrolyte of one cell is not touching the parts of other cell.

Step 12: Testing Ha Haha!

now take a led and touch it to the cell and watch it glow!

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20 Discussions

This is not going to electricute you. It dosent have that much power. I found out a way to charge my Iphone 4 with it but it takes a long time but it still works.

no never!sorry to be so serious!it is a small project that may create 3-5 volts which barely can electrocute you any make it without any fear!

Preeti Vats

3 years ago

Can I make this with Indian ruppe coins? Is there any other alternative of copper coins? I need an answer

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

If you are willing to wait for 5 hours soaking cardboard in the VINEGAR,it may last for 3-6 days without getting dimmer but when the time comes,It will dim superslow that it may last for about a day and a half...

It depends, usually it should last you about 1 day and a half to full two days. But it would stay bright for the first 4-5 hours, then it would get dimmer and dimmer. When the light turns off, simply dip the battery in salt water again and soak out the excess water and it would be good to work again. To increase the lasting time of the battery, make sure to cover it in tape so that water does not evaporate... Good luck!!!

Adolf Rooseveltargha halder

Reply 4 years ago

Would not small holes on aluminum foil? Affect the voltage since they are connect at series circuit

We will use this kind of experiment sir for our SIP :) Hope that it will work on us here in the philippines and It's our last proj that determining if we can pass or not :l. Any tips sir?

Good luck on your project! No need to call me sir, and some tips:

When you make that battery make sure the paper towels or cardboard that is soaked in salt water does not touch each other in the battery. Make sure its not too wet, otherwise the saltwater would run down the battery and mess up our output. But make sure again its not too dry, otherwise it won't work. If it does not light up with 4-5 cells, add more cells , and it should light up. And always try to present it nicely, make it look beautiful and when you're done don't forget to post the picture of the project!! Good luck!!

Sir it Light but not that bright and it only took secs before it dies. We used 6 coins, Wet tissue and aluminium foils. What tips can you give us to ENHANCE THE BRIGHTNESS AND LIFE SPAN of it?

argha halderhb08

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

If you are trying to charge the phone with that, then it won't work because the voltage and current is not enough to charge the cell phone using this. But I am not quite sure what you are trying to do over there,, some details would help me understand what you are doing,, sorry for that...

This doesn't electricute you. Its safe to make this battery. I found out a way to charge my Iphone 4 with it but it takes a long time to charge but it still works.