Build a Tesla Coil(medium Size) EXPLAINED




This my finished baby :)

Step 1: Base for Primary and Secondary

Make primary support. Plexiglass, Elmers super formula glue with plexiglass glass as for the support you can't use wood, if you find something besides metal or cardboard it will work. Glue 1" spacers with 1/4" gap (or your preferences) 

Step 2: Spark Gap, Wireing Fasteners

You will need 2 quarter inch bolts, brass nuts, washers

Step 3: Assemble Wireing

Gold plated fastener will be used agian(4, 6 if transformer needs). Heavy-duty brass fasteners will connect the wires to the primary coil later in this instruction

Step 4: Secondary Fastener and Wire

3" flange and 3" pvc pipe . Coil 26 awg wire around core(pvc) ...I layed the spool on the floor and put resistance on it; then I layed the core in my lap and did the job if your not in a rush and got awhile, eat first set some water near by, it should work for you.

Step 5: Capacitors-DIY or Buy

DIY(supplies for 2- you will need: mezzetta, giardiniera pickled veggie mix jars; 2 tall cans(beer, large energy drinks, ect.); heavy duty foil; two-1/4 bolts with 6 nuts,and 8 washers(make sure they are, 2.5"-3" long); copper wire 12-10 AWG.

Make sure your coil applies pressure to the inside

Step 6: Secondary

After you done winding your sec. Coat with enamel/polyurethane. Wind with enameled 26AWG COPPER WIRE.

Step 7: Assembly-1

Drill hole in center of platform for ground and fasten secondary coil to the platform.
Coil primary. ATTACH HEAVY DUTY BRASS fasteners to each end of primary coil.

Step 8: Assembly-2

Connect as seen. First transformer(nst), then spark gap; the capacitors are connected to right line, connect right line to primary right with the lead continuing from cap. Left line to left primary terminal after gap. Turn it on have online for excel workshop spread sheets to tune you coil. I perfered makeing mine like furniture I like the old school look it gives it.

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    will give it a try thanks anyway..........:P