Build a Tiny Pole Pig

I'm making this for the same reason I made the other one, but this one is much smaller and soon I will be making one that its much bigger, it's going to be a ground mount style like in the power substations, I will use 2 MOTs as the transformers. (the second picture is what I'm making next) 

Step 1: You Will Need

a very small transformer with a center tap on one side-I'm using a ferrite core transformer I got off a circuit board
a film canister-found it in my kitchen
hot glue gun-took it from my garage 
white or light grey paint-I'm going to use grey primer
some small insulators-I got mine from a broken toaster oven
some 18awg solid copper wire-my dad got it at Home Depot, its telephone wire but stripped of its insulation 
a soldering iron -got mine on eBay, its a pretty nice one to!
needle nose pliers-my dad got them for me  
your self-I got mine from my parents 

Step 2: Prepare the Film Canister

Your going to need to make some holes for the wires and connectors, you can use a nail or a screw or pretty much anything about that size. Make 3 holes 1/2" from the top of the canister about 1/2" apart, these will be your outputs. Now get the lid and make 2 holes also about 1/2" apart, do not make them on opposite sides, you want them to be a bit close to each other, I dont exactly know how to say it so just look at the picture, these will be your inputs. Paint the canister and let it dry before proceeding to the next step. (I forgot to paint it first, if you do that then and you are past step 4 just cover everything in painters tape) 

Step 3: Prepare the Transformer

Solder the 2" segments of copper wire onto each output, it doesn't have to be neat, your not going to see it. Bend the primary winds a bit closer together or further apart so they fit through the holes in the cap and to the same for the canister. 

Step 4: Fit the Transformer in the Canister

Now for the tricky part, first bend the wires at a right angle to that they are at the same hight at the three holes. Push the wires into the holes from the inside on the canister until they will go in no further (you may have to use needle nose pliers to push the wires into the holes), now push the transformer down into the canister. 

Step 5: Finish It Up

Put the cap on and glue the bottom of the input wires, quickly slide the insulator over the glue. After the glue has cooled cut the wires so only about 1/3" of the wire are sticking out and bend them inwards so its like a hook. Next cut the output wires to the same length and bend them downwards but keep bending it until it makes a look instead of a hook. Now your done! 



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    4 years ago

    that's pretty cool man, I could see this being used in a classroom setting to teach students


    7 years ago on Step 5

    thats a neat little project i might do this with my micro flyback (about 1" by 1")

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Im liking that Giant Fuse in the first Pic. Im guessing its something like 1000 Amps?

    I also have to wonder, where can I get my own Giant Transformer? *is Jealous*

    4 replies
    NerdzJimmy Proton

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah I see now, its not actually "life sized" as I thought. I was thinking the shelves in the back were huge, giving the transformer the appearance that its huge