Cardboard Thunderbird 2 Costume

This costume was used to provide an adequate distraction from exam revision. The costume was essentially free with about a quid spent on paint and wallpaper paste

the construction was a cardboard framework and a paper mache to cover. It is to be work like a backpack, and utilises an old rucksack on the inside for comfort. Its also amazing at taking up far too much space in the pub.

Step 1: Prep

Materials and tools
glue gun
pva glue
walpaper paste
stanley knife

glossy magazine
kebab skewers

Basicaly u shouldnt have to pay for cardboard newspaper or glossy paper anywhere, but you will need specific types.When creating the main frame work and all the weight bareing structures you should always look for thick strong cardboard. To find this ask at electronics shops, specificaly widescreen tv boxesu will need large sheets for some of the parts.
If you find this dificult to find you can laminate thinner peices together with the pva.
glossy paper and newspaers are free every where.

Step 2: Main Frame

Make sure that ure stanley knife is realy sharp and you cut the straight sides are cut with the grain of the card.
And when cutting both of them u must not crinkle or fold the cardboard.
These are glued in place with the hot melt glue. and can be strengthend with card triangles butting the joints.
For the intermediate framework you can notch it so the fit snuggly but if strengthend properly it is not necisary.

The end peices are determined by the shape of the bottom sections and built up from there.

Step 3: Covering

I diced the catalogs into strips. using the walpaper paste i built a fram starting either sid e of the uprights to maintain tention between them and alowing for a curve to be built witth the newspaper.
You must let the frame layer dry before the newspaper, other wise sagging may occur. by the time you finish one layer the start point will be dry.
For the front and end sections fill plastic bags full of scrunched newspaper and plug the gaps, Squeeze to shape and tape in place, these will be removed later.
mache over the top.

The spoiler is made from two thick peices of card attached to the main structures in the footings staked in with kebab skewers.

Step 4: Fin

Smother in paint, emhisise the loading bay, air inlets and windows. i used paper cut outs for the numbers and lettering.
Attach a rucksack on the inside, bingo, costume at the ready.
i successfully wasted a significant part of my revision time for exams.

You can now irritate all your freiends and patrons of the pub by knocking over all their drinks.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool! I discovered TB last year. I just love them. Nice to see TB fans!