Building a Cruiser Longboard




Materials needed:

- What you will need is wood fine (I used 3mm and 5mm bamboo wood).

- Some kind of glue (I used epoxy resin)

- fiberglass

- (spray) paint

- permanent markers (different colours)

- sandpaper

- griptape

- paint tape

Tools needed:

- Saw

- some kind of press

- drill

Step 1: Prepare for Sawing

After gluing you draw the desing on the board, you can do this ether by just drawing ore with the help of a mold.

Step 2: Sawing

now you can start sawing and smooth the edges and the surface

Step 3: Puting on the Fibreglass and Drill the Holes

after swaing put on the fibreglass. after the fibreglass has dried up you can drill the holes on the spot where you want the trucks.

Step 4: Puting on the Griptape and Painting (step 1)

After sawing you put on the grip tape.

Before painting you put on the paint tape

For a smale finishing toutch you can also paint the hardware.

Start painting the bottom.

Step 5: Paniting (step 2)

Finish your painting and let it dry out

Step 6: Assembling

put everything together and enjoy your ride ;)



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    Nice! I bet it's an awesome ride, I'd love to see some pictures or video of you using your creation! Welcome to instructables!