Bullet Bill Knex Gun




another gun ,but i got this gun can shoot 48 ft with 2 rubber bands!!!

2. O and eat here the food is AMAZING!!!!!!!

Step 1: The Handle/ Trigger

1. build this
2. make 20 of thees
3. how to put them on
4. then put all 20 on

Step 2: The Scope

1. collect thees
2. make thees
3. put it together

Step 3: The Hite Grid

or you could build a hight grid witch works better than a scope

Step 4: The Top Part of Barrel

1. get thees parts
2. make thees
3. using a slide all the white and blue rods in to the holes of C
4. connect A to C and B like this
5. how it should look ,nice and strait
6. make thees
7. put them on like this
8.its done !!!

Step 5: The Botom Barell

its different than the top so don't copy the top one
1. thees are the types of parts you need
2. what to build
3. different view
4. put A and C together
5. different view
6. than put B on
7. take both D parts and put them on the blue rods
8. put 1 E on like this
9. put a C part on as shone
10. put 1 E on like this
11. put a C on like this just like the other side
12.make tis part
13.put it in the hole
14.it should look like this

Step 6: The Butt

1. you are going to make this
2. first build thees
3. then put them together
4. then put thees together
5. put the butt on the back of the other part

Step 7: Put It All Together

1. get all the parts you built
2. connect the butt to the lower barrel
3. connect the the lower barrel and butt to the top barrel
4.connection point it will be on both sides
5. connection point it will be on both sides
6. put the scope on
7. put the handle/trigger on like this
8 how it should be

Step 8: How to Make the Amo and Put the Rubber Bands on and Load It

1. get a skinny long rubber band and put it on the connector
2. than put the other side on the rod as shone
3. make the bullet see why I call it bullet bill k'nex gun from mario bros.
4. slide the bullet into the barrel
5. put a rubber band behind it the best rubber bands to use are lettuce rubber bands witch are the ones that are in the pic.
6. latch it into the trigger and then pull the rubber band to the two blue rods
7 if you're using the grid you can put paper or something on the side and right how many ft. or meters it shoots wen you look through that site and line it up with the front site.

(note it wont work if you move your head only slide the gun up and down at your shoulder.)

happy shooting !!! :D



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    I made your gun which is really cool I have modded it and changed the ammo the smaller the ammo the better the range

    ant ant 33

    9 years ago on Introduction



    10 years ago on Introduction

    i just made OMEGA version of this gun it can shoot 3 times harder it,s longer,stronger,nicer-looking (i think), It,s more rows, it CAN ! shoot 3 bombs (iff u want) It,s my OMEGA shooter xD Have fun !!! bUT GREAT JOB MAN !!!

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I made a 3d bullet bill, but not a gun for it. It only works with killerk copies.

    Jill 32

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Wow. You wont belive this. I modded this to shoot sharpened gray rods and i shot one through a can with one good rubber band! i'll have to post a video or somthing soon so you can see XD