Bullet Box Survival Kit




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this is a survival kit that suits many situations

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Step 1: Weapons

I have 4 knives and a crossbow bolt

Step 2: Fire Starting

I have a lighter, maches, flint and steel, cotton balls, and char cloth.

Step 3: Food

I have gum and granola bars

Step 4: Misc.

I have a waterproof watch, sewing kit, fishing gear, duct tape, and a compass

Step 5: First Aid

I have a first aid kit and bandage

Step 6: Rope

I prefer lots of paracord

Step 7: Poncho

I made this poncho

Step 8: Notebook

I have a notebook and two pens

Step 9: List

write a list to keep track of what you have

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I just looked through it and I just realized that the pictures are horrible


    5 years ago

    Add a life straw

    the outdoorskid

    5 years ago

    Good but you only need two knives at the most and a crossbow bolt dosent really have a purpose you could also probally use a smaller container and it would all fit. Other than that it is good

    1 reply