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Intro: Bullet Jewelry

After seeing VELOKENNETH s bullet jewelry I thought I would add some images of some that I made last year.

Firstly the necklace/pendant, this is made from a live 5.56 round, and also has a wedge cut out of it so that it can be used as a bottle opener,

It also has my name engraved on it as you know what they say

"Everyone has a bullet with their name on it"

I think it is important to own that bullet

The cufflinks are made fom a live 9mm round with the cuff back epoxy resined in

I cut these by putting them in a pillar drill and holding a hacksaw blade against them while rotating slowly, just make sure that the bullet doesn't get too warm!!

I'm sorry there aren't more pics on making them but these were made before I found this site and started doing step by step "ibles"



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    2 years ago

    Hi i think this i a great build the only concern is that you are using a live round and just because you poured the powder out densest mean that its harm less the primer is still live. and so that needs to be removed in order for these to be safe.\once again great build


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome necklace. I like having the wedge cut out as a bottle opener. Great thinking. The cufflinks, again, are awesome.


    4 years ago

    aha, unfortunately I lack cuffs :)