Bullwhip With Built in Survival Kit


Introduction: Bullwhip With Built in Survival Kit

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This Bull whip's handle has a pvc base, allowing it to hold items inside it. For mine I put matches, striker, wire, duck tape, a pen, a small saw, fishing kit  and a knife.

Step 1:  Gather all your supplies: Survival items to put into the handle (personal choice); Marble, scissors, ruler, BB's, lighter, hack saw, file, pliers, para cord needle,  1/2 " PVC pipe [about 12 inches long - cut to length and filed down),  para cord ( I used 4 different colors, about 15 feet of each color), hot glue gun, glue and duck tape.

Step 2:  Prepare Monkey fist (using the marble and 10 feet of cord)

Step 3: Attached Monkey fist to PVC by using hot glue or tape. Monkey fist is the cap of the PVC Survival kit

Step 4: Attach 4 more strands to the PVC pipe about 6 feet long of each.  

Step 5: The knots I used for the grip was a long turks head, and for decoration I also tied two smaller turks heads on in the places where different sections meet.

The actual whip part is divided into 3 different sections,

Step 6: The first section is made from 6 strand half round braid, about 3 feet long, finished.

Step 7:  At the end of the 1st section, cut 2 strands, whip the ends and continue braiding, hiding the ends inside the whip.

Step 8: The second section I used a 4 strand round braid, about 18 inches, finished.   Leave about 6 inches of para cord on the end.

Step 9: Prepare 3 rd  section of the whip.  I used A single strand of para cord (Orange) (24" long).   

Step 10: stuff 15 (+ or-) BB's into one end of the cording.  The BB end is now ready to be breaded into the end of Section 2.  (Step 8)

Step 11:  Finish Section 2 with an overhand knot and whip ends.

Step 12: The very end of the whip is left  frayed.

The whip works perfectly well and has a pretty substantial crack.



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    NEED MOAR INSTRUCTIONS!!! This is not enough to build this. I will not vote for a half done instructable.

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    the method I used to upload images was very slow, so it took me a while to upload them. I was planing on giving a more detailed instructible later. If you read the description you can see that I give the names of all knots that I used to make it, with a few clicks on the Internet I'm sure you could figure out how to make it

    Yes you are right with a few clicks and some general googling I can pull up the knots you mentioned. That is not what the heart of instructables is. We don't want to see what someone else has done, we want to see what you did. You can't expect us to vote on the uniqueness and originality of YOUR work when it's somebody else's example.

    I love instructables and want to see the work you do and i want people to put their work for review. i know we have a be nice policy on comments and I am not trying to be rude or nitpick, it's just that I see all these instructables that keep getting posted that are not complete or just show what another has done. I call these Showofffable's. That's great if that's what you want to do, but go to youtube for that. Here we have the builder spirit and the teaching spirit. I don't know how to build your whip and it looks really cool. But with what you have here I don't think I could build it. And I want too.

    You may not have all the pics you want. I did that too on my first instructable and I have only 4 posted but what I lacked in photos I made up for in instructions. I leave this long winded and whiny note, "yes I know I whine," in the hopes that it will urge you to do more. Especially if you want us to vote for it. If I have upset you, it was not my intention. please consider what I have said and add more. I know posting is not easy. Hence the reason I have not posted much. Thank you for reading my diatribe.

    If you ever want me to review your instructions Anders, stop by my house you live 5 houses away from me. I can help with them and give you some tips.

    Hey Anders, awesome instructable. You should check out a website called budk, they have an awesome chain saw that rolls up. It would take up less space than your saw and it's only like $12.

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    4 years ago

    very nice

    This is awesome! Got my vote!