Bunch of Leaves - Felt Bag




I want to show how to make this felt bag.

Step 1: The Supplies We Need

We need:

1. Two or more diffrent hue of green felt
2. Brown felt
2. Scissors
3. Thread (green)
4. Needle
5. Lining
6. Handle
7. Bag frame

Step 2: Felt Leaves

Felt leaves:

We cut a lot of leaves out of green felt.
We prepare pattern of the branch.

Step 3: Felt Leaves Next Step

Make leaf veins with thread. Use earlier made pattern to make a felt branch. Sew ready leaves to bag's frame. We need two copy of it. Sew them togeter and add lining.

Step 4: Sew in Bag Frame

Sew in bag frame

Step 5: Final Stage

In the end we need to sew in handle.  That's the end :-)



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