Bunduk Shotgun





Introduction: Bunduk Shotgun

well since bunduk wouldnt edit it i posted it for everone to c

Step 1: Handle


Step 2: Barrel

quiet effective for firing

Step 3: Stock/frame

cant have substitute pieces

Step 4: Slide/pump

the pump goes on the slide as followed on intro

Step 5: Hopper

make the following parts from pictures

Step 6: String Placement




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    Ty TY TY TY! I really wanted to build this gun!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to build this gun but there are no instructions and the pictures are poor. Please get a better camera and maybe put on better pictures. thnx

    and you should be thankful that budnuks not killing you cause if your gona post someones other thing you either have to get permission or make it in the forums so please delete (told!)

    feander, are you the person that used to have Homer Simpson as a name icon?

    oh, yeah i remember that two people had a homer symbol, i just couldn't tell who

    lol thats ludacris why would he kill him just cuz he posted this who should care lol and bunduk even said thx for posting this lolololol

    well i tended to mod it and i dont have to get permission from bunduk and the peaple critisizing me shut the hell up

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