Buzz Bee Shotgun Into a Cowboy Stagecoach Nerf Shooter

Introduction: Buzz Bee Shotgun Into a Cowboy Stagecoach Nerf Shooter

I wanted a project for some fun and games on National Cowboy Day which is the last Saturday of July.

I settled upon making a stagecoach style nerf gun for Cowboy Action Nerf Shooting. It is easy enough for anyone to do and can be complete in under two hours.

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Step 1: Paint the Stock

This is a Buzz Bee Double Shot side by side nerf gun.

Clean off the stickers and rub the entire surface with a mild abrasive such as a scotchbrite pad. Then paint the stock, you don not even need to mask anything since the next layer of paint can cover any overspray from the first coat. I am using Krylon Fusion brown. It is formulated to bond to plastic.

Step 2: Paint the Barrels

After the stock paint is sufficiently dry, you can mask for painting the "metal" parts. Use wide painters masking tape and cover the stock and muzzle blaze. Trim the tape so that only parts that should be metal will get painted.

I am only painting the barrels and break open lever. With more care I could also paint the trigger and trigger guard.

I use automotive wheel paint since I like its metalic look. This is duplicolor, but other brands work well too. Within thirty minutes you can remove the masking tape and it is ready to use.

Step 3: Use Your Stagecoach Gun

The only thing left that you could do is perhaps coat it with clear to make the finish more durable. I use Krylon clear gloss or matte depending upon how shiny I want it to be.

Go out and do your cowboy best.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice cowboy shotgun paintjob! Too bad I don't have brown :-( What about somthing 4 the maverick