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Introduction: Cactus in a Bottle

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ever want to get a cactus plant but you don't  want to have to worry about it poking you?
well , here you can enjoy the beauty of cactus without the prickles!

here is the list of supplies:

cactus seeds
glass bottle with a cork cap

step 1:
take the bottle and fill it with two inches of sand , then take the soil and fill it up to about one inch.

step 2:
sprinkle the cactus seeds inside the bottle.

step 3:
water it .

step 4:r
this step it optional but if you want you can tape a cotton ball to the end of a spoon and clean the sides of the bottle if you like.

step 5:
put the cork in it and put it in the sun.

in about a week you will realize the they have started to sprout.

here are some tips.

ONLY water the bottle about once every 2 months ( yes, 2 months)

if you see green stuff in the sand just take the cap of and let is air out. it will go away.

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    Good idea. This would also prevent a pet from eating the cacti seedlings and giving herself enteritis. I realize most cats would have enough sense not to do such a thing, but K-Kitten is The Cat That Eats Everything.