Call of Duty Ghosts Chest

Introduction: Call of Duty Ghosts Chest

a call of duty ghosts chest created to protect your secret missions documents or just your money and other secrets XD

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Step 1: What You Need

I bought the chest but any works if you already have one or just make one with an instructable

Step 2: Painting the Metal

I choose chrome paint because it combined with the colors of the chest but you can choose any other

Step 3: Painting the Chest

first paint the skull with an image (I couldn't take a picture of this) then with black paint correct any mistake and paint the whole chest and if you add something send me a picture I would like to see it

Step 4: Assembling It

now just put all together

Step 5: Now You Have Your New Chest

now just protect your secret files

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    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks man I worked really hard I'm proud that someone liked it