Camera Flash Diffuser Solution (not a Joke)

Introduction: Camera Flash Diffuser Solution (not a Joke)

When I was out at a social function with fundraising high on the list one of the local press reporters Jo who I knew quite well came up to me and said she had forgotten the flash diffuser or it had broken or something like that and could I think of what she could use? I smoked then and behold cigarette papers were produced and a quick test revealed positive results. Later on in the evening Jo came over and said that it  worked really well and showed me some of the shots which had really good facial modeling it seems that thin ones work perfectly and are good for varying the light that comes out and can be stuck on in various ways producing almost limitless subtle variations. Even if you have used this one before forgive me if I think it worth reminding how simple and minimal good solutions can be. I now chuck a packet in my camera case and don't actually use the other diffuser now. They weigh nothing, fully adjustable for density and positioning, self adhesive, environmentally friendly, and somebody somewhere has probably got some. My personal fav is the blue Rizlas as they seem to stick better than some of the other makes I have tried and the paper weight seems right first time out. The picture is a scan by the way in the interests of direct demonstration. Have fun photoing.

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