Camera Mount Hands Free

ok you need a piece of copper wire im using thick stuff for stability. im working on a thiner copper line /lines but thats another instructable also you need two plyers and a bolt that will screw in to your camera and two nuts for said bolt

Step 1: Now Cut Off the Bolt Head

you might need a solid surface and pinch bolt with snipps and hammer the nippers ever so gently   or you could just leave the head on the bolt if its big enough to secure the copper line between the nut and head i had already cut the head off my bolt on another instructable and iprovised by using another nut

Step 2: Now Screw a Nut Onto the Bolt

i hammer the end of the bolt and scare the threads and thread a nut  to the bottom until it screws no more thats what you want for the nut to stop

Step 3: Now Bend a Loop in the Copper

i start the loop on the copper line but before i bend it all the way i place the bolt in the loop the grimp it like a mad man you wanna use a hammer

Step 4: Now Screw on Another Nut

screw on another nut and smash the copper line / loop between the to nuts very tightly and secure

Step 5: Now Screw Your Camera on to the Bolt

you can bend the copper anyway to make  a stand or wrap around a tree / post or to secure it to a table or just stick it in the ground



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty clever!  It might vibrate a bit if the wire is too long, but it certainly is versatile. I think I will modify your idea a bit to fix my webcam with the broken base, as shown.


    its pretty solid this copper wire is thick .when i mounted it on the table your right it wasnt to sturdy mainly because copper is all most to thick to bend in a way needed to attach to that type of mount .. however if you were to wrap it to a tree or post you could almost rappel from it and if you stuck it in the ground it could double as a tent stack aswell as camera mount