Camera Wars

Introduction: Camera Wars

This is something I thought of one boring day at home. so basically its this game where you try to photograph your opponent or the entire enemy team. You will need to build bases and stuff


you can play this during day time but it gets intresting when played during night, since its harder to see ant taking pictures reveals your position.

This is not a collaboration with The Landon. in any way

well actually he just wanted me to publish him here.
and he helped a little bit. tiny.

Step 1: What You Need.

So here is what you need to play the game.(but you can add more things if you wish)
+camera: preferably one per person
+one ore more friends: you can play solo, or by teams
+building gear: this can be anything you can use to build your shelter or to help you in your strategy, for example: a simple box, or a pillow.

If during your game or while reading this Instructable you think of useful things for the game, please comment.

Step 2: Everithing Else I Havent Said Before

rules (feel free to change them):
+if someone gets photographed, he is out of the game, unless you want to play just for fun and then no one gets out and everyone plays till the end.
+you can't cover yourself completely (like under a blanket)
there are really not much things to say. xd.

strategy (just the ones I invented, but comment if you think of others):
+use things like powerful lights in your base pointing towards the enemy, so when he takes a picture the light will appear in all the area of your base.
+make them think you are in the base or something, but then surprise them from the back.

(the picture shows how it would look if someone tries to photograph you when you have a powerful light pointed at them).


So here are some of the results at mi first attempt playing this game.
one is a shot of my sis who was hidding under bed, i took her by surprise.
the other is from a window that looks into the house from the second floor of my other sis.
we were playing me versus them.
i still dont have the pics of the camera my sisters had.

NUKES:if you are to tired to continue playing, you can always use nukes. be careful with them . dangerous if you play with them. specially if you eat them.



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    thats a good one! hopefully theyll move the camera, and it will be to blury to count! PS: it is I "SPRMIN", its just that i cant enter my old user, so i had to make a new one.

    1. Smoke pellets. It doesn't count as taking a picture if all you can see is smoke!
    2. Flash bangs. Temporarily blind the person and camera!!
    3. If you use nukes I would use the thermonuclear design. Standard nukes just don't cut it these days.

    1 reply

    great idea! haha thats taking it to a whole new level of defense mecanisms XD PS: it is I "SPRMIN", its just that i cant enter my old user, so i had to make a new one.

    me and my friends just played this but in our way...we play it kind of like laser tag...heres the rules:the person with the most pictures of someone wins!

    If you're not playing like paintball (one shot and you're out) you can make rules based on what you capture - each shot is at least one point, full body is two points, double if from behind. That sort of thing. Sounds like a fun game though! could take a while to tally it up if there are quite a few people playing!

    1 reply

    It's a bit incoherent, but what would make it more interesting would be to replace step 3 with some of the "war photography" you got playing this? L

    3 replies

    the nuke thing is a joke I have with a friend, I agree its a bit incoherent, it was also an attempt at making this Instructable a bit more entertaining. the "war photos " are a good idea. thanks for your help.

    Oh yea I saw the joke, and now I see a couple of "combat-pics" they really add something to this in showing how it works.


    I have already added the ones of the first game ( only the ones from my camera). tnks again.

    I've also seen camera (and even video) "Scavenger hunt"; instead of collecting weird stuff, you just have to take pictures of them. The first of these I ran into spanned several days and used cheap disposable cameras and sent them all to "one-hour" processing on the day prizes were to be handed out. But it gets quick and easy with digital cameras (including cell phones.)