Secret Candle Stash

Introduction: Secret Candle Stash

you can put WHATEVER they want in this safe because it can be WHATEVER size you want. the basic theory is that you have a container with your belongings inside of a candle! to do this, the container will have to be secure, concealed and protective of what treasure you may be hiding. this is really easy to make and especially if you have a lot of candles in your home, almost impossible to discover as it presents itself as a decorative candle and definitely not as a secret safe with coins, money, keys, memory card, jewellery or anything you want. this safe however is not very useful for things that you may want to get at frequently, more for something you want to keep safe until one special day...and if someone does light it there is no problem it works just as a candle does and your treasure will still be safe(i tried it) :)

Step 1: Wrapping the Treasure!

we need to make sure that whatever you want to put in your candle is safe from the wax, moisture and concealed.

1. an air tight container
1.small cap or container
2. tape
3. wax paper
4. foil
5. cling wrap
6. tissue

1. make your treasures as small as possible so as to reduce space taken up. eg. money folded etc. all of your things into the container or cap and fill the remaining space with tissue so that there is no room for movement.(i you have an air tight container you can stop here)
3. wrap with cling wrap, then foil, then wax paper, then tape.
4.ensure that the whole thing is covered you may put another layer of foil if you feel that itis necessary.

Step 2: Prepare the Wax

materials and tools:
1. old candles or just wax and a wick.
2. cutting board

1. most candles have two layers so if this is the case for you, scrape off the first layer using a knife.
2. take the care and slice it down the middle so that the wick can be removed and remove the wick.
3. after the candle has been completely stripped down, chop the wax into small pieces.

Step 3: Prepare the Molds

1. a mold: a plastic cup , a can or a jar that is a nice shape and is slightly bigger than the container containing treasure and is relatively easy to cut.
2.another mold that is bigger that the previous mold.

1.clean the molds and make sure that they are dry.
2.line the two molds with vaseline.

Step 4: Melt the Wax

materials and tools:
1. wax
2. saucepan
3. water
4. tin can
5. stove(or heat source)
6. something to stir

1. take the outer section of the wax and put it in the tin can
2. fill a saucepan 3/4 up with water and put to boil.
3. when boiling put can in the water bath and stir until all the wax is melted.
4.take a mitten and pour into the smaller mold.
5. place the treasure into the mold and use the stick to hold it down, but ensure that it is not touching the bottom so that it cannot be seen.
6. if you would like only one layer, place your wick at the top of the treasure.
7. get a bowl of ice water and place the mold into it until the treasure and the wick is set so that you can remove your stick and place it in the freezer.

Step 5: Repeat

1. something to cut your mould
2. knife
3. all the materials from previous step.
4. any decoration you ant to put in tour candle like glitter, leaves, anything)

1. cut off the mould.
2. cut off all excess wax(if this looks good to you then stop here!...i just preferred to have two layers)
3. take second set of wax and melt it down.
4. before putting the wax in the bigger container, put whatever decoration you want on the walls of the mould so that it sticks on the vaseline.
5. now, pour the wax into the mould and treat the small candle as the treasure container, and use the same method of positioning it in the centre.if you did not before, now is the time to put the wick in place.
6. cool the candle the same way and remove the mould the same way.

Step 6: How to Conceal Your Candle Safe and How to Retrieve Your Treasure

concealing this safe is very easy because it already looks like an ordinary object, so all you have to do is put it in an ordinary place. use it as you would use a decorate candle; to decorate your house. put it on a dresser, bookshelf etc. no one will no what really lies inside.

to retrieve your treasure simply use a knife to cut the candle open. remove all the wax and unwrap your treasure. and the wax can be melted own again so al you need to do is take the same wax and make another candle for something else you want to keep
safe for a while.

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6 years ago on Introduction

Fun idea! I could see using this for an emergency 72 hour kit for emergency $. It would keep me from raiding it if I needed some change.