Candy Cane Marshmellows for Hot Cocoa




Introduction: Candy Cane Marshmellows for Hot Cocoa

You need Hersey chocolate bars, marsh mellows, candy canes, and crushed up peppermint bits.

Step 1:

Remove as many marsh mellows as you will be using to put in the hot chocolate.
Next, get out a minimum of six chocolate bars and begin breaking them up in a bowl.
Put the bowl in the microwave for one minute and five seconds or until chocolate has turned into a liquid.

Step 2:

Take your marsh mellows and dip them in the chocolate until half of the marsh mellow is covered
Set the marsh mellows on a plate to cool.
Take the peppermint bits and pour some out on a plate.
Once this is done, roll the chocolate covered part of the marsh mellow in the peppermint bits

Step 3:

I could not find the small individually wrapped candy canes. Therefore I had to improvise.
Take a knife and cut the big candy canes in half.
Once cut, stick the half with the rounded edge into the marsh mellow.
After that step is completed, hook your candy cane to the side of your mug and enjoy!

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