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Introduction: Canoe Wood Stand

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I need a stand to store my canoe so I decided to make the stand also a fire wood storage stand that will stay dry from the canoe blocking the rain. The canoe is tied down to the stand with bungee cords so that the wind cannot blow it off the stand. Basically all you need is a bunch of 2 x 4's and 3 inch screws. I used a circular saw to cut the 2 4's to the sizes i needed.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies:


circular saw


drill bits




2 x 4 's


wood rain protectant

Step 2: Make Vertical Sides

First step is to figure out how tall you want to make your side support pieces. Mine are 5 1/2 ft tall.

You will need 8 of these pieces. 4 for each side. Then you will also need 4 pieces (1 1/2 ft long). These will go in between as support pieces. Start by screwing 2 of the long 2 by 4's together. Then add the center support pieces. Add another 2 by 4. Then finally add the last 2 by 4. This will give you one side. Do the same thing for the other side.

Step 3: Support Beams

The next step will be to attatch four 9 foot 2 byh 4's going horizontally. Screw the bottom 2 horizontal pieces 4 inches from the base. This is what the wood is going to sit on. Then attatch the other 2 pieces at the very top. This will add support to the stand.

Now you will need four 3 ft 2 by 4's. Turn the stand upside down and attatch two of them to the bottom of the stand. This will be what sits on the ground.

Then take the other two 3 feet pieces and attach them to the side pieces you built. This is going to be where the canoe is going to sit.

Finally I attached support pieces from the base 2x4's to the vertical side pieces. This will give the stand more support so it can be free standing.

Step 4: Add Canoe and Fire Wood

Once you have you stand built all you need to do is add the canoe and fire wood. Make sure to secure the canoe so it doesn't come off the stand. The wood should nicely on the 2 x 4 's. There is pressure treated wood or there is water proof stuff you can paint on the wood to make it last longer.

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