Car Charger for Motorbike




hi ,this instructable show how to charge mobile when you are out of charging .
if you are having bike you can charge your mobiles.

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Step 1:

first you need to have bike with battery pack common in every bike.
parts list:
1.Bike having 12 v battery
2.and car charger any compatible one for yours
3.tie tags.
4.switch glue
6.some tape and 2 meters of wires

Step 2:

tag the terminal 1 +ve 
tag second one -ve as 2 nd 
for frim ness i used tie tag and glue gune to avoid any short circuit 
now cover the wires with tapes

Step 3:

now make switch to on and off 
the switch is dpdt
now  take one wire for switch one for middle and another one for another end 
now the charger was completed.

Step 4:

last step to add to the battery and place it under the seat 

thanks for watching 


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea but to make the Instructable better you need to expand on the instructions, specify exactly where the wires on the car charger part are from, where do they go to etc, and to improve on the design further have the cable thread through so it comes out on to your handlebars where maybe you could fit a waterproof universal phone mount so the phone can be used for GPS like lots of car drivers do. Great basic idea though.