Car Sound Imitator Circuit




Introduction: Car Sound Imitator Circuit

hi in this instructable,we will learn how to make a car sound imitator

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Step 1: Car Sound Imitator

hi, this is a simple project that makes use of a d.c motor to mimic car sound.Recently i wanted to make a toy car but i needed to make it sound real but i don't want to use to use any i.c so i got this idea of using a d.c motor.

Step 2: Stuffs You Will Need

  1. you will need;d.c motor, 8ohms speaker and 9v battery and 9v battery clip.

Step 3: Circuit of Car Sound Imitator

please don't mind the way my circuit looks, assemble everything like the circuit by connecting the d.c motor to the speaker and the battery [may be with a switch] and have your car sound imitator to build car without any i.c. vhmmmmmmmmmmm,thank you

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