Card Cuts- Swivel Card Cut

Introduction: Card Cuts- Swivel Card Cut

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To start off this cut is a false cut which means no matter how many times you do this cut the cards will stay in the same order, this looks really cool and if you can get fast enough at it you can use this in your magic tricks.

Step 1: Get Materials

To do the swivel cut you need a deck of cards and two hands, I'm sorry guys, but if you don't have two hands then this Instructable is not for you. Joking guys

Step 2: The Grip

What you need to do is take your index, middle fingers, and your thumb and grip it as i did in the pictures. If I'm not mistaken its called the biddle grip

Step 3: Cut the Deck

Take your index finger and lift about 1/3 of the deck. This shouldn't take much practice to get.

Step 4: Take the Packet

Using your thumb grab the packet and slide it in your other hand.

Step 5: Take Another 1/3 From the Deck

This time instead of getting rid of the packet hold it, and turn the deck almost completely over like I did in the picture

Step 6: Add the Third Packet

Just add the third packet to your hand like in the picture

Step 7: Swing Middle Packet

swing the middle packet to your left hand, I show you the way I do it. I apologize for the last picture.

Step 8: Take the Top Packet

swing the top packet and add it to the other packet as I did in the pictures.

Step 9: Take the Last Packet

Swing the last packet onto the pile. Do this however you want.

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    11 years ago on Step 9

    a video of this would be perfect.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm working on that and will hope to have one up soon