Card Umd Holder

i got mad searching for a reasonable umd holder so i made 1 myself

Step 1: What Is Needed

2 and a half cards per umd

3 more cards [you may need more depending on how many umds you have]

1 more card to go at the end



Step 2: Making the Case

take to cards and wrap them around the umd

then take the half card and wrap it at the bottom

tape it all together

Step 3: Making the Case Part 2

first tape the cases together

then take one card and tape it to the bottom of the cases

once done take another card and tape them to the cases

do the same for the other side

Step 4: Insert Your Umds

insert your umds

Step 5: Your Done

just tape the last card at the end and your done good job if any questions comment me



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