Cardboard Babyshoes




Introduction: Cardboard Babyshoes

a friend of mine just had a baby boy. so I decided to make some kind of greeting cards. happy motherhood Rini Julia...

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Step 1: Get Ready

let's set up the equipment. for this project, i'm using a cutter, a scissors, pva glue, hot glue, ballpoint pen, and some cardboard.

Step 2: Getting a Template

i downloaded this template from printed out with 80gsm A4 paper, after adjusting shoe template size.
a newborn baby's foot is about 7cm long. 
then I cut the template with a cutter.

Step 3: Copy Template to Cardboard

before you can copy the template, you must split one layer of the cardboard, so you can get a cardboard with one side corrugated.
than i  copy the template, than cut it.

Step 4: Gluing

next, i arrange pieces of cardboard to form a baby shoe, using hot glue gun and some pva glue.

Step 5: Add Some Details

than i add some details. 
using same techniques with the template is reversed, i create next shoes,(left one)
that's all, folks...
this is my first instructables, sorry for my broken english. i hope you enjoy the tutorial.

Step 6: Some Other Shoes

here's some other shoes i make from cardboard.

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    5 years ago

    awesome, good work, I so love it