Cardboard Bicycle Smart-phone Holder




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hello everybody,


today I would like to share with you what I have been using for over a year now (still the same design). It has been rained on many times, once dry it's brand new again.


use it as gps device to bike anywhere on the planet

check your emails, calendar, place calls

use it as mp3 player, notepad,

hands-free operation


i use it excessively to track my biking records via MyTracks android app (amazing stuff). it took me about 15 minutes to put together and it was totally free from everyday house tools, "trash", tape etc.


let's build..!

Step 1: Materials + Frame

some used cardboard

a ruler


scissors + box knife



build it custom size for your phone or mp3 player. first locate the middle part of the handle bars. put the phone there and start taking measurements.


I have made walls around the bars, so the holder sits flat AND is stable /not tilting to the sides.


after this, put your phone on the board and measure. make walls for the sides and the bottom of the phone


tape everything together slowly, you can also use white paper glue in between layers (but still tape over them) to make it even more stable.

Step 2: Final Steps

now that we have a stable back and side/bottom walls, now we have to secure it from the top so the phone doesn't go flying around...


this part will be the most changed step from phone to phone. I have used here an HTC desire. I chose 2 places where I wouldn't block the screen or the buttons. Just make sure that you can use the touch screen easily after assembly.


the cool part is that the phone just slides in and stays in, VERY sturdy. I have never had the phone fly out yet and I do bike very rough sometimes. you can easily slide it back out and take it with you done biking.


Step 3: Conclusion

I was going to purchase a clip on holder but they were like $15 for the cheapest one...


that's when I saw the corner of collected cardboard just sitting there, screaming - USE US !!!


now I can bike from north america to the frozen parts of canada, or to the jungles of south america... if you like to bike, check out these coast to coast bikers' blog - 4000+ miles, 77days. (this is my dream, I will one day accomplish it...)


thank you for your time, please remember to check out my profile


love & peace




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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like the idea of the cardboard reuse, I always do it! But I am not sure I understand how it stays in place on the bike. Is it screwed/taped to something?

    1 reply