Cardboard Coffee Table

Introduction: Cardboard Coffee Table

I have been using cardboard for different thing ( mostly Helloween ) for over 20 years now this was a dream that I had to bring to life. my dream was a coffee table that looked a little asian,

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, this is so cool! Please post a step by step on this!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    1.I used chair boxes (because the pieces are large enough that I wouldn’t have any breaks)

    2. Cut a template out of paper. Folding the paper in half and cutting so both sides are equal.

    3. Glue 3 pieces of cardboard together using paintbrush and school glue. (The corrugation was all running the same way (sort of north and south.)

    4. Repeated step 3 except I put the corrugation the other way (east and west.)

    5. Repeated step 3 again (north and south)

    6. I put a ¾ inch one piece of lumber on all and let dry 3 days.( covering the whole piece of cardboard with equal pressure.

    7. I took template and traced it on all 3 layers (making sure one run north/ south than east west than north south.) this helps with the strength.

    8. Cut them out with a jigsaw.

    9. Glue them all together and put the weight back on. Waited 3 days. This did one side.

    10 started back with step 3 for the other side. Now I had two outer sides.

    11. I bought paper tablecloths (without plastic in them) from the dollar store and cut stripers, using paintbrush and white glue I painted the strips on like you would do paper mache. I tried regular paper but didn’t like the length of the strips. The tablecloth was much longer and the paper didn’t rip when it got wet.

    12. The part in-between where a little harder.

    13.once I decide how wide I wanted it I repeated the gluing process but instead of 3 pieces running the same direction I did one north/ south, one east west, one north south.
    I did not want it so thick, 3 layers was thick enough. I only built the inside to reach the outer potion of the side panels.

    14. I did this so I could add 6 layers on the outside to hold the side from collapsing outward. Again I repeated the glue and paper thing.
    The bottom shelves was done the same way.

    15.After about 3 more days of dry time I painted everything red.

    16.Waited for it to dry than painted about a 6-inch square and took a bamboo stick, (the one used for shish cob) bent it almost to breaking point and scrapped the black off revealing the red under tone.

    17.Varnished with spray varnish.