Cardboard Guitar


Introduction: Cardboard Guitar


Step 1: You Need:

shoe box without cover
pen(for drawing)
4-6 rubber bands(cut)

Step 2: Drawing

draw the shape of the box on the cardboard.
Around the box, draw the shape of your guitar.
Find somewhere in the box and draw a circle.
Cut all your parts out including the circle.

Step 3: String Time!

Punch 4-6 holes top and bottom with your pen.
tie a knot on 1 end of each rubber band.
Now keep tying each rubber band into the holes till they are nice and strong

Step 4: The Soundbox

the soundbox is optional, it only increases the sound.
Just get your shoebox and where you tied your knots, place it there and tape it very firmly without any holes.

Step 5: THE NECK.

get a looong piece of cardboard and draw the neck of your guitar.
Cut it out and tape it to your guitar.


Just draw a triangle and cut it.

Step 7: Add the Rope

Tie one end of the rope and make a hole through the neck. Put the rope through the neck and tape it in place. On the body, do the same thing.

Step 8: Rock On!!!



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    I made this

    Thanks! I already have a band of cardboard string instrumentalists.

    That's really creative!

    Vote for it on teach it contest!