Cardboard Portable Stereo

Introduction: Cardboard Portable Stereo

This stereo is not very powerful but works well with mp3s & maybe Ipods

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Step 1: Materials

~ Small cardboard box
~ super glue
~ old set of headphones

~ knife or scissors

Step 2: Step 1

With the small box take a side & cut it off to match the drawing but it doesn't half to match with the measurements.

Step 3: Step 2: the Headfones

take the headphones & completely take them apart but don't destroy the ear pieces or the wire, & take the covers off as shown on the right side under my PSP

Step 4: Step3: Instalment

~ Take the headphones & trace them any where on the out side of the box.
~ Stab holes into the middle of the tracings & make those any shape & size.
~ Take another piece of cardboard & trace the headphones on that & cut them out and in half
with arcs on the inside of the tracings, which will then be glued to the headphones & then glued to the
the piece of card board that has the two holes.
~ Glue the headphones so that they can be seen if you look through the other side
~ Wrap the the cord up & glue them to the box to where there is at least 10inches of cord left.

Step 5: The FINAL Step

take the board & fold it to where it looks similar to my drawing while gluing all the edges into place. Remove all excess the will prevent it from sitting right.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    SPELLING!!!! I'm really starting to get (excuse the language) pissed off at the lack of reading over that people do. Read over the WHOLE Instructable before clicking the post button! Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is always encouraged. Thanks! -gamer PS: Already done too many times, by the way...