Cardboard Truck




I was sitting doing nothing and I asked my dad what I should do. he said that I should look at this web site. After looking at it he said I should try to make something and that is when the cardboard truck was born...


Step 1:

you need to cut out  4 rectangles all the same size. 

Step 2:

take the rectangle cut out the body shape make it as big as you want it but dont want to cut it to small.

Step 3:

take one of the cut pieces and work the back end or the rectangle  so it could fold over  the back of the car as the trunk.

Step 4:

cut out the bumper, the hood, and the wheels.

Step 5:

take the 2 body parts and hot glue them to the last rectangle.

Step 6:

take the roof and hot glue it on the top

Step 7:

glue the hood on.

Step 8:

glue the wheels on

Step 9:

i made 2 and this is the one i color this is the last step..



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3 Discussions

Doink Doink

2 years ago

would it make a good item for target practice?