Build a Cargo Bike.

Introduction: Build a Cargo Bike.

i´m sorry, i don´t know to write english.I'll try to translate with a translator. I want to thank Mr. carkat. thanks.he helped me.the drawer is smaller by a matter of site

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Step 1: Frame

bicycle parts and stainless steel straight pipe

Step 2: Pre-assembly

Stainless steel handle with adjustable height and everything ready to paint with epoxy paint

Step 3: Mounting

hydraulic damper of yamaha r6.Use it to harden the direction

Step 4: Brake

It was a simple brake lever.all the wires inside the handlebar

Step 5: Accessories

Support of drink made with rubber.
An electrical stamp turned into a manual stamp

Step 6: Mudguard

Front mudguard of aluminium.Back mudguard of wood.
picture 4.the bike leans to the turn

Step 7: Accessories and Protective Canopy

Purse for tools fact of wood and leather.Leather Bar Tape and saddle
lining leather
picture 3.The curious name of mapa:the booth (el cajon).
picture 6.all cables are hidden inside the handle.
picture 7.inside the crate i put a pad for dog.

Step 8: Over and to Enjoy

The truth is it takes quite a lot of space if it's inside a flat.ready to go shopping ¡¡¡¡

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Hey Paco.. Such a nice project and the result is even better. I would like to build a cargo bike myself but I have a problem figuring out how I can make the steering.

    You have a tube that you weld to your bike, then is there another tubes that goes inside that one?? and do you weld it to the cargo frame??

    Would you be so kind to explain that to me how that works.

    Kind Regards


    paco perez
    paco perez

    6 years ago on Introduction

    thank you very much.yes, I've made ​​many things.i´m fron Malaga (Spain).I use translator


    6 years ago on Introduction

    wow, soooo beatuiful! it seems you know how to work with steel :-)
    where are you from?