Carmageddon Rc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




well this all started when I got a RC heli just before guy fawkes night helicopter + rocket = cool
well i did start that but soon realized i would have to buy another controller to fire it on command then i had a vision (actually i tripped over my RC nitro car then it came to me RC-carmageddon so with some parts that i had sitting round i figured i could do this for only the price of the rocket

the link for the video can be found here

vid number 2 firing a small screw

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Step 1: What You Will Need

>>>>>>>Remote controlled car (working would help)

>>>>>>>4 Channel or more the better controller and receiver

>>>>>>>Higher capacity battery's (I use a heli lithium cell 7.4v 800mah)

>>>>>>>2X RC servo

Tin snips
Screwdrivers small and large phillips and flat head
Aluminium off cuts
Extra screws

Step 2: Lets Get This Party Started

You want to start this step by finding a location to meet you tilt servo, as you can see in picture 1, I used some original mounting holes for convenience but you could use part of the chassis to mount your servo further forward its all up to you.

you will then need to fashion a mount out of your aluminium or whatever you have around.

Step 3: Turret Construction

You will now need the two servos.

start by removing one of the servos bottom casing, when the casing is removed look at the construction of the servo for some free space inside for the head of the screw and drill a hole in each side of the servo and make the one opposite the mounting hole big enough to fit your screw driver in to tighten.

attach the casing to the second servo and tighten then put the first servo together, after that attach to the mounting on the car that you attached earlier.

Step 4: Nearly There

you will now have a platform that will pan and tilt but you need to hook up the radio gear and some kind of switch to control the launch

Remove the 2 channel radio from you car then find the accelerator servo and those offcuts of metal and
fashion a switch so that when you apply full brakes the switch closes, then make yourself a wiring loom witch will take the power back too the turret for the iginitor attach the loom then you ready to put the reciver into the car you will need to make sure the throttle and steering are on one stick and the turret on the other to make it easier to drive run the wires check operation make sure the servos arnt hitting anything this will reduce servo life

Step 5: Cannons Away

to make my cannon I used the outside of a pen blue tacked to the top of the servo,
to make the ignitor i used a match head with ni-chrome wire soldered to some normal wire and wrapped and glued together, then you can attach to the fuse of your rocket, personally i wrap blue tack round the ignitorand insert it into the pen tube and add a little gun powder and a bb there you go a cannon

Step 6: Finished

There you go now you have a fully fledged battle platform go away with the ideas that I have given you and better it maybe a camera, laser pointer and the list goes on but watch this space for updates to this design and more that I'm sure will come around.

Thanks to all


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    11 years ago on Introduction

    i made one of these a few years ago but i used a electric rc and a 8 ch receiver and transmitter and for my gun i used a coil gun it was awsome till my friend spilled coca cola on it

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    all this is ,is a r/c shop bought car. it's not a's not rocket science and i could do this at home!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    this is really cool. im making this minus the car so its just the turret. some mods im doin to the cannon are: using a copper tube, a glow plug for ignition. another thing i wanted to point out, for ammo, you could use a bottle rocket, just shorten the fuse and put a tiny little bit black powder to help ingite the fuse.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Why not do this: get an estes rocket engine and attach it on instead of a cannon.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    would love to try this but the rc stuf is too expensive. that fireing is going to kill the servos. cool project

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    the only reason you would need a heat sink is if the thing has rapid fire mode, witch would be cool if it is possible


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Step 7: Then stick a General Lee shell on and be rebellious! YEEEHAWW!