Carousel Horse

Introduction: Carousel Horse

Our dog Kaiah is a rotti mix and is used to wearing dog coats which this costume evolved from.  Basic black dog cot with hood easy to find a free pattern on internet i used about 1/2 yard  she is 70lbs.  Ears are 2 triangles sew leaving bottom open  and stuffed  paint pink first (i didnt) hand stitch to to of hood. The casing of hood i used elastic and tie ends together to form a strap under dogs chin.

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Step 1:

Saddle 3 peices of scrap faux leather. Trace seat shape 2 peices sew together , back of seat 2 small peices with thick interfacing in the center sew attatch seat peices,add 1 peice for strap goes around dog and velcroes to bottom of saddle . Add a horse blanket any small scrap hemed.Sew with fishing line to dog coat a few stitches allowing ssrtap to be attatched

Step 2:

Main and tail is black yarn  wind around a cardboard square  i used approx 11 inche.  Cut i end  then hand sew on coat repeat over and over.

Step 3:

Cover costume in jewels i used a big bag from joanns with Alleens tacky glue.

Step 4:

Pole is pipe instation from home depot cut with scissor to size. Paint gold then wrap with ribbon. and hand stitch with fishing line. Glue to costume.

Step 5:

Briddle and reins are ribbon. 2 circles half black elastic half ribbon for comfort. Meaures size for aroung mouth and head. Sew together cover ribbon in jewels.  I used 2 d ring on each intendind to connent the 2 peices but Kaiah wouldn't wear that. Attatch ribon to d rings for reins.

Step 6:

The rider doll is a pattern from embrodery library simple gingerbread body shape sewn together with embroderied face. Hair was done same way as horse main only longer. Dress 2 suares sewn together. Sew to saddle with fishing line and legs to dog coat so doll says on durring play ltime

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    6 years ago

    Are you sure its not too heavy? :) cute though


    Reply 6 years ago

    Looks heavy but very lightweight pole is form and lighter than wrapping paper roll and doll I made lightly stuffed . Kaiah is 70lbs and doesn't mind dressing up at all . She goes over to anyone when the pick up the outfit