Carpet Board

Plan on cutting some glass? need a good work surface to keep those pesky scratches away? here ya go.

you need a piece of plywood or osb. whatever size you like is fine.

some carpet. samples are probably not going to be enough for you but scraps are easy to come by.

some decent scissors

staple gun


Step 1: Got Wood?

pick your board. make it bigger than the glass you intend to cut. this one is intended for stained glass and is about 15x24 inches. If you are planning to cut glass for windows you should scale accordingly.

Step 2: Cut a Rug

Find some carpet. The short stuff they use in offices works just fine. Cut it big enough to wrap around your piece of plywood.

Step 3: Trim and Staple

cut into the corners so that they fold flat over the plywood.

Staple carpet to the board. The tighter you can pull the carpet the better.

Step 4:

all done. enjoy your new toy.



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