here are few sketches... a better way of passing time when study screws us tight... need suggestions... planning for more colorfull, vivid and bold designs... time for some caaartooonnncarzzz! 



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I see a lot of potential in your work. Caitlinsdad and Lemonie both had valid points but the main thing is lots of practice, when I was in school I would fill entire notebooks with doodles and sketches and 40 some years later I'm still doing it. One of the best forums I've found online for artists of all skill levels is , there are sections for all kinds of mediums and other artists will comment and give you assistance. Even though I have sold many pieces over the years wetcanvas has taught me a lot


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think you should learn how to draw in 2-point perspective. It will help a lot in getting things to look right and knowing how to break up sections will better the proportions. If you do like designing cars, look at how real ones are and see how they are proportioned, even the wheel spoke details, where the wheel line or window line is. spoilers, front grilles, intakes, window design, etc.

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