Casting Aluminium Slingshots!

Introduction: Casting Aluminium Slingshots!

i hope that you enjoy this video!



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    if you stood on the thin side of the slingshot, would it support your weight?

    just as a suggestion becuase i love to see people get involved in metal working of any kind.

    you can de-gas the aluminium by putting washing soda in when it's molten, it's chemically known as sodium carbonate and you can get it at the grocery store.

    the next thing you can do is add some kind of flux, at this temperature i would suggest borax or salt as myfordboy does here:

    finally you can make greensand by mixing normal sand with bentonite clay in the right quantities this makes for a smoother finish when the mold is broken and it's reusable.

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    Your videos are excellent--well edited, very much on point, and exactly how I want how-to videos to be.

    Thanks for posting. I really like that you included the bit about the florist's foam. Sharing what doesn't work is as valuable as what does.