Cedar Double Bird House Planter




I had some left over cedar form a job so here's what  I did with it a double bird house and planter.Easy to build I used a compound miter saw and a table saw but a hand saw on the cedar would cut fine.
Hope you like.

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Step 1: Step 1: Materials, Tools and Equipment Used

4 feet of 1x8 cedar
8 feet  of 1x6 cedar
finish nails
gorilla glue
1 9/16 drill bit
3/8 drill bit

Step 2:

i used 1x8 ceader to make the faces of the houses as shown in drawing the sides came out to be 5 1/4" x 26" long with the bottoms cut at a 10 degree angle.

Step 3:

I cut all 4 faces the same then cut the backs 3/4 inches away on the sides and bottom .Does that make since? see photos

Step 4:

i put a little gorilla glue where the sides meet the faces and then nailed them together. I then installed the backs 5 1/4 inches in and glued and nailed in place.

Step 5:

Step 6:

the bottom i cut to 26x5 1/4 and nailled in place this left about 1/8 inch gap on both sides for drainage you can make it tight and dtill some 1/4" holes

Step 7:

next the roofs. Each where a 1x6  8 3/4 long with angles to math slope of roof and  the other side 3/4 inch longer
these where nailed in place no glue. you can put hindges on them for easy clean out but i don't have any trouble with thit the small finish nails

Step 8: Why Did'nt I Drill the Holes Before I Put This Together

why did'nt i drill the holes before i put this together!  CRS!! oh well
this is basically a bluebird house from a chart I have the hole should be 1 9/16 inches in diameter and between 6 and 9 " from the floor.I also drilled a few 3/8 holes in the backs for ventilation

Step 9:

I have hung these from tree limbs before but this one i mounted on a 4x4 post with becking screws. after setting the post in the ground it's time to put in the plants. I used pansies in this one. It took quite a bit of soil to fill the planter up I then and the pansies . Spring is almost here this should fill out in a week or so and soon the bluebirds should arrive.
Thanks for looking Peace Ricky

Step 10:

Step 11:

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15 Discussions


Tip 9 months ago

I suggest resizing the planter portion to fit a plastic window box insert inside. That way, you can change out the plants or soil and the birds will not suffer from the dampness that is inevitable with this arrangement as it is.

1 reply

2 years ago

This is something I'd like to treat the birds too in my garden and hopefully they'd enjoy living in it too.


3 years ago

Very nice idea. It something I will definitely try to make for my yard. Spring will be here sonn... even in Florida!



4 years ago on Introduction

What a great project! I think I'll make a hanging version for my back patio. I might turn one of the birdhouse ends into a bee house by stuffing it with hollow canes and mud.


5 years ago

Thanks the gorilla glue foams as it dries not as much but like that foam in a can stuff enough to weather proof it also I had this cedar cut at a local saw mill no chemicals in this wood.thanks for the interest Ricky


5 years ago on Step 11

I LOVE it! Very attractive.

Only one question that I didn't see mentioned...How did you or did you, waterproof the seams where the back of the birdhouses connect to the planter?

I'm imagining the poor little birdies getting flooded out when you water the Pansies, or at least having enough leakage for the nesting material to stay damp- mommy bird wouldn't like that!

Personally I'm thinking caulk.

1 reply
doo da do

5 years ago on Introduction

Ceder has lots of chemicals so it is bug resistant, the chemicals may not be good for the birds. Just read an artical about this. Great plans but I will use different wood.


5 years ago on Introduction

So cute! I love that's it a housing development...:)