Cell Phone Dest Stand Holder Charger 3D Heart Shape



Introduction: Cell Phone Dest Stand Holder Charger 3D Heart Shape

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I make this cell phone holder for my girlfriend. 
There is space for the charging cord to pass between the rods.
You could make it to fit whatever you like, whatever shape you like.
Kids could play with it like a puzzle.

7x7 inch square wood for base
1/3 inch thick rods
2 spray can of paint( one color for rod, one for base)


1.I find wood that could be use for base (i use a 7x7x3/4 inch)
and few pieces of rod to use to hold the phone. (i use 1/3 inch)
2. Then I draw a heart shape on the base, leave at lease 1 inch from the sides.
3. Mark where you like the rods to go, remember to have space so the holds does not touch.
4. Drill holds and test if the rods will fit. (do not drill through the base)
5. Paint rods. (i use the base to hold the rods)
6. Paint base. (do not get too much paint in the hold or rod might not fit.

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