Cereal Box Backpack




Introduction: Cereal Box Backpack

This is a simple 5 minute project
all you need is an empty cereal box (or full I don't judge)
tape for straps (I recommend you use duct tape because it is thin and light)
a cutting implement of some sorts (I used a box cutter)
2 binder clips

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Step 1: Cutting the Box

mark 4 lines on the box and start cutting
your slits should be very thin and just wide enough to thread the straps through the box

Step 2: Staps 1

make two long lines of duct tape and two lines of packing tape and stick them together so that both sides are smooth
you should end up with two long strips that are not sticky

Step 3: Straps 2

now thread the strips of tape through the slits that you cut into the box and tape the ends together so they make a loop

Step 4: Latches

take the two binder clips and clip them at the ends of the box these clips will work as latches for your backpack.

Step 5: Finished

your done now just fill it with this and that and your ready to roll.

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    3 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hm, I don't think a backpack like this will be strong enough to hold anything... Neither spacious enough to hold much, neither is it very comfortable.

    Maybe sewing a backpack would be a better alternative?

    Capt. Kidd
    Capt. Kidd

    9 years ago on Introduction

    is it strong? I might consider covering the outside with duct tape. that might make it stronger.